May 7, 2021

About Mehrarad

Mehrarad Energy Development Co. was founded in 2005 as an active contractor in oil, gas and industries fields with a wide range ability, from engineering, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning to MC management.
Our experience in national and high scale oil, gas, petrochemical and industrial projects, have made us to be one of the well-known companies among EPC contractors in Iran.   Benefiting of young professional experts while insisting on commitment and accepting responsibility, guarantees our dynamism and succeeds through the projects.According to this approach, efficient collaboration with clients and satisfying them along the projects are of our abilities that makes the clients as a partner to the company. 



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Create an integrated knowledge-based organization that has the potential for large-scale projects and strategic and national wealth could impact significantly increase return it. 
  • Understanding and anticipating market needs
  • Expansion of the scope of Iran's neighboring countries
  • Efforts to improve performance through the management and execution of projects
  • Entering new markets
  • The use of innovative technologies through research and development and technology transfer
  • Recruitment of skilled, committed and talented and work priorities based on knowledge

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*Integration and conformity
*Organization commitment
*Credit and acceptability







  • Procurement , construction , installation and commissioning of a 10000Ton Benzene and 5000m3 Gasoline storage tank with related piping , electrical and instrumentation systems. (PC Project)

  • 10000m³ sweet water  and fire fighting storage tank in BidBoland Gas Refining Company

  • 31000m³ sweet water  and fire fighting storage tank in Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company

  • Boiler feed water treatment  Plant system in RO basis for Ilam gas refinery

  • Fuel Oil Storage Tank in Semnan oil depot

  • Pumping station and water pipeline of Shazand  steam turbine Power plant

  • Water Supplying system for the Construction phase of Anahita Oil Refinery

  • Boiler feed water treatment  Plant system in RO basis for Ilam gas refinery

  • Blow down water treatment plant system for Mofateh  steam turbine Power Plant  in RO basis

  • RO water treatment unit of NGL1300 gas Factory